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The Bikram Yoga Beginners series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises is the  original hot yoga.


The Bikram Series treats the body as an intelligent system. The postures are practiced in a specific sequence with every posture preparing you for the next. It is designed to exercise the body: every organ, every muscle, major gland and joint exercised systematically to promote health from the inside out.

All classes are 90 minutes and led by Certified Bikram Instructors using the Bikram dialogue. The dialogue allows instructors to deliver operational commands, what to do and how to do. Once the postures come to memory naturally over time, the method enables students to use the challenge of the physical practice as a tool to focus inwards.

Practiced on a regular basis, students will exercise and empower five aspects of the mind:







Everybody is running the same race at a different pace 

The sequence is like a set prescription from the doctor. It is the same for every one, every body, every time. With continued practice students will see progress, develop trust in process, and realize themselves to be their own best teacher.


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