PREPARATION Avoid eating meals 2 hours before class. Come well hydrated. 

PUNCTUALITY Classes starts on time. Please allow yourself enough time to arrive and settle at the studio.


The class is a set 90 minutes and students are expected to stay and complete the class. If you must leave early, please alert the instructor prior to class. 

HYGIENE Be mindful about body odour. Please no perfumes or scents. Showers are recommended for both before and after class.


Leave outdoor shoes at reception. 


STORAGE No cellphones, watches, wallets or other belongings in the yoga room. There are lockers ($0.50) in the change rooms. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

YOGA ROOM Align your mat so that both you and others are able to see themselves in the front mirror. If you arrive late, be mindful that you are not setting up directly in front of another practitioner. Those new are recommended to set up in the back of the room.

WATER No water during the first 3 postures. The instructor will announce the first water break. This timing gives your body the proper warm up without the distraction of digesting water.


As a safety precaution, we do not allow glass to be used as drinking vessels in the yoga room. Refrain from pouring water over yourself as this is a distraction to both you and others. Bring enough water to last the duration of the practice.

STAYING IN THE ROOM Make it a goal each practice to attend the class in full without leaving the room. This is to prevent a sudden change in body temperature and to respect other practitioners sharing the space. 


CLEAN UP Following final savasana, please leave the room quietly and clean up your area. Bring extra towels if you sweat heavily. We have buckets in the back of the room you may use to carry your mat and towel. Please rinse these buckets and return them to the room.